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The main solutions for garden irrigation

Watering the garden is a key operation to ensure the proper water supply for the lawn and plants. Although water needs vary from species to species and season to season, watering regularly is the right recipe for having a green space with healthy plants and flowers.

In this article we find out, in particular, what are the main solutions for watering the garden and what products can help to carry out this fundamental task in the best possible way.

 Garden watering solutions: hand watering

Undoubtedly, the best water for garden plants is rainwater; however, in its absence, tap water can be used. The easiest and most economical way to water lawns and plants is definitely hand watering, which, as the name suggests, involves manual action and can be done through a rubber hose attached to a faucet by means of fittings. It will then be necessary to equip oneself with nozzles or spray guns from which the water jet will come out, adjustable as needed. This method of irrigation is particularly suitable if you have a small garden and have time to devote daily to the care and watering of the lawn and plants.


Garden watering solutions: irrigation systems

Among the various garden watering solutions, irrigation systems are a convenient, practical and functional solution for watering the garden. In many cases they are automatic and can be of different types:

Above-ground system: also called surface system, it consists of garden hoses (connected to a faucet or an Aquapoint) covering the entire area of the garden, outdoor sprinklers and associated hose reels. The watering operation is very simple: just open the tap (or program the appropriate solenoid valves, if present) and the water will reach the entire area concerned. The above-ground system is best suited for agricultural land, but it is also ideal for private gardens and vegetable gardens, keeping in mind, however, that the pipes will be visible and all the components of the irrigation system will have to be removed each time the grass is cut.

Underground system: a certainly less economical but very practical solution is the underground irrigation system, so called because it consists of the combination of water connection and buried pipes with retractable sprinklers, which are operated directly by water pressure, coming out of the ground for the duration of irrigation.

Drip irrigation system: another type of irrigation system is the drip irrigation system, which is especially suitable for the vegetable garden or potted plants. This system works through drippers (small nozzles) that are installed on pipes releasing water gradually.


Garden irrigation solutions: Aquajet products

Aquajet, a reference point in Italy and worldwide for the production of metal systems, specializes, in particular, in solutions for surface irrigation, also offering a series of innovative products for underground irrigation.

With regard to surface irrigation, Aquajet offers a wide range of solutions for garden irrigation (but also ideal for farmland, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and nurseries), ranging from brass garden taps and water outlets-wall with a design capable of blending seamlessly into the garden setting-to Universal fittings and traditional Brass fittings, which include fittings to connect hoses together in above-ground and underground irrigation systems and adapters to connect the hose to the tap and to accessories such as nozzles/spray guns. The connectors made out of brass by Aquajet have a number of advantages over those made out of plastic, including the strength and robustness of the material (able to maintain its effectiveness over time), and sustainability, due to the fact that brass fittings have a longer-life cycle and can be used multiple times (they can be melted down to create more brass). In general, all Aquajet products are made with a view to reducing water consumption.

But that’s not all: in fact, Aquajet also offers hose reels, made out of painted metal and tubular steel, which combine strength and versatility with great elegance; watering spray guns (with their corresponding shower head), made out of zinc and aluminum and brass parts that increase their sturdiness; surface sprinklers, which are easy to adjust and also suitable for prolonged use; and, finally, lances equipped with single jet or with shower heads.

Let’s look together in more detail at some of Aquajet’s main surface irrigation products.


Surface irrigation

Brass garden taps: Aquajet offers different types of garden taps that can be used for different purposes, from outdoor water outlets to multiple outlets for the use of power packs or solenoid valves. COLOR TAPS range includes sturdy outdoor faucets painted by means of scratch-resistant polyester powders and guaranteed to an operating pressure of 10 bar. The DESIGN range, on the other hand, features outdoor design faucets that are chrome-plated and quick (they can be opened and closed in ¼ turn): these are products with a ball seal on double Teflon gaskets and can feature one, two or three independent and adjustable ways. Aquajet outdoor faucets also include the ECO line (faucets that reduce water consumption by 25 percent thanks to the ECO aerator), the traditional line, and the artistic line.

Universal fittings: these are quick-connect fittings made of brass and compatible with all plastic systems. Thanks to the 6 balls, the connection is fully automatic. The Universal range includes tap adapters, accessory adapters, automatic 6-ball couplings and quick couplers with aerator.

● Traditional fittings: wide range of brass fittings, pressed and turned, suitable for hoses of all sizes and types. Five different lines can be distinguished:

   ○ Maxipass: quick brass fittings with large water passage. This is a very suitable solution for irrigation of agricultural crops.

   ○ Express: rapid bayonet fittings, suitable for professional use.

   ○ Traditional: traditional screw-in fittings.

   ○ Extra heavy: extra-heavy traditional screw-in fittings.

   ○ High pressure: fittings for spraying and pressure washers.

Spray Guns: Aquajet spray guns include a wide range of models made out of metal (zinc, aluminum and brass) and can be used for different types of work, from watering and floor cleaning to washing cars and boats. Aquajet offers single-jet guns with adjustable spray pattern, multifunction models with up to 8 watering functions, and lances with multiple watering functions (sprayer, soft aerated jet, shower, and strong jet).

Base-mounted sprinklers: including metal sprinklers (zinc and brass) on a picket, on wheels, and on a metal sledge, which are easily adjustable and perfect for extended use. Aquajet also offers a line of tripod-mounted sprinklers characterized by adjustable height.

Soft rain: aluminum products designed for professional watering of plants and flowers in greenhouses and nurseries (floriculture) and perfect for watering soft flowers in gardens and vegetable gardens as well. They include both lances and aluminum shower heads.


Underground irrigation

With regard to underground irrigation, Aquajet’s offerings focus on three product proposals: aquapoints (underground or wall-mounted water posts), manifolds and hydrant boxes.

Aquapoint: a brand of AquaJet that includes all in-ground water points and ornamental outdoor fountains in painted aluminum to be placed around greenery or on walls. Several versions are available, including triangle, totem, steelo, and many other models.

Manifolds for underground irrigation: modular brass manifolds for underground irrigation systems, available in different sizes: ¾”, 1” and 1½” and present both with integrated valve and without. These products-whose purpose is to connect underground pipes of underground irrigation systems together-have different formats: cross module, module 1, module 2, and angle module.

Hydrant boxes: Aquajet offers in particular hydrant boxes with interchangeable, 180-degree rotatable ball valve and those with 180-degree rotatable shut-off valve equipped with flexible steel extension, which are essential elements for protecting solenoid valves, valves and components of underground irrigation system

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