Blogcome installare un punto acqua in giardino

How to install a water point in the garden

How do you install a garden fountain? A rather important question, since having a water point in the outdoor space of the home can be very useful on a practical level and, in addition, is also an enrichment on an aesthetic level. Fountains, in fact, are important solutions above all to be able to better manage the irrigation of greenery in the garden. It is no coincidence that water fountains are usually fitted with hoses that are then connected to surface sprinklers or lances or shower heads, which are essential for the surface irrigation of the garden.

We at Colortap have come up with some useful tips for you to understand how to install a water point in your garden easily, quickly and safely: let’s see them below.

How to install a garden fountain step by step

To understand how to install a garden fountain, we must first of all make a premise: in order to guarantee optimal stability, we at Colortap propose water points that require installation by burying; this is an innovative prerogative that our products offer on the market: only by properly positioning the posts deep in the ground, in fact, will they be truly stable and firm. Let us see, then, how to proceed. First of all, it is good to know that there are two main solutions for installing Aquapoint water posts:

–  by means of a rounded Aquapoint pot;

–  by means of a squared Aquapoint pot;

come installare un punto acqua in giardino

In both cases, triangular, oval or round posts can be installed. Sand for filling and decorative stones must also be included in the installation. How to install a water point in the garden, then? At this point, the steps to follow are, in order:

1) excavate and insert the pot into the ground;
2) position the post inside the pot;
3) fix it to the base using the screws provided;
4) connect the water post hose to the water supply;
5) stabilise with stones and sand.

come installare un punto acqua in giardino

As an alternative, water columns can be installed on a concrete base. Again, two options are possible:

–  installation on concrete box;

–  installation on a concrete brick;

come installare un punto acqua in giardino

If the concrete box is chosen, it can be filled, like the pot, with decorative stones and sand.

For fixing the fountains to the concrete base, you can choose between two different solutions: the zinc metal base and the zinc metal fittings.

Here is how the installation on a concrete box or brick takes place:

1) Once the excavation has been made, the base or the fittings have to be fixed to the base of
the concrete box or brick;
2) the column is inserted and secured to the chosen accessory using the screws;
3) connect the water post hose to the water mains;
4) stabilise by filling with stones or sand (in the case of the concrete box).

come installare un punto acqua in giardino

How to install a water point in the garden: the tricks to follow

In order to understand how to install a garden fountain correctly, it is a good idea to take some useful precautions, such as draining the water system of impurities before attaching the water point, so as to ensure that the taps function optimally.

It is also a good idea to install a shut-off valve between the water mains and the fountain, taking care then to empty it with the arrival of winter to avoid frost problems.

How to install a fountain in the garden: Aquapoint water points

Colortap proposes various products to have functional water points in the garden and, at the same time, water posts capable of satisfying the aesthetic sense of the owners. It is indeed very important that garden elements, including fountains, blend in perfectly with the landscape, whether they have a classic or modern design. Having seen how to install a water point in the garden, here
are the main Aquapoint garden fountain solutions.

Aquapoint Triangle, for example, is a triangular-shaped garden water column. Made of scratch-resistant polyester powder-coated aluminium, it is complete with two brass taps and a hose hanger in stainless steel in the same material. The Aquapoint Triangle is available in different colours inspired by the natural nuances of the garden environment: from brushwood green to matt green, from a sober shade such as dove grey to neutral white or the original metallic bronze.

Aquapoint Totem shares the structural characteristics of the previous product, including the painting of the aluminium with scratch-resistant polyester powders, as well as the presence of the hose hanger and two brass taps; the only variants are the oval shape and the brighter colours: in fact, in addition to the neutral tones of white, metallic black and dove grey, for this model options are available in more unusual and flamboyant colours such as coral red. Aquapoint Totem is the ideal solution for manicured and modern gardens, where the garden fountain is not only a functional element, but also an aesthetic plus that lends character to the space.

A young, modern and refined design is the distinguishing feature of Aquapoint Loop, a water post – also made of aluminium covered with scratch-resistant outdoor polyester paint – with a rounded shape, complete with a single coloured tap and available in corten, matt green and white shades that fit perfectly into the natural context in which they are placed.

Aquapoint Steelo is another Aquapoint flagship product: it is an oval-shaped, aluminium garden water column characterised by stainless steel-effect polishing and anodising treatments. It is a very functional and highly decorative water point that blends fully into the landscape context of the garden. Aquapoint Steelo is equipped with a single chrome-plated and painted tap with ECO aerator and a stainless-steel hose hanger. The tap is available in five colours: white, chrome, black, red and green: details that make the Aquapoint Steelo not just a simple water column perfect for managing surface irrigation in the garden, but a true furnishing element that can enhance any green space.

All Aquapoint water column models are supplied complete with taps, fittings and flexible hose, so that they are ready for installation immediately. The fixing accessory – which can be the pot, base or fittings – can instead be purchased separately, thus guaranteeing the installer the possibility of choosing the element most suited to his needs.

But that’s not all: in the next few weeks Aquapoint water posts will see an important new product on the way… Stay tuned!