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When and how much to water the lawn

There is nothing more beautiful, with the arrival of the spring and summer season, than to observe the awakening of nature, especially if you are lucky enough to have a garden. New leaves are sprouting, flowers are blooming, and the lawn, after its long winter hiatus, is finally green again.

To keep the lawn healthy and grass colour bright, however, especially when the weather is particularly hot and dry, you need to take care of watering regularly.

You can’t proceed blindly, but it is essential to know the best times to water the lawn, how often to water and how much to water the lawn so that it looks good.

So let’s find out Colortap’s tips on when and how much to water your lawn to keep it healthy.

When and how much to water the lawn: tips from Colortap

Frequency of lawn watering and amount of water needed

How much to water the lawn? This question actually cannot be answered uniquely. The frequency of lawn watering, in fact, depends on many factors: the type of grass (in general, microtherms have less resistance than macrotherms), the height of the cut (the taller the grass, the more moisture it is able to retain), the season, the local climate, and even the type of soil in the garden, considering that a sandy soil is more prone to drought, while a clay soil remains wetter.

With respect to the amount of water needed for the lawn well-being, on average, about 5 liters per square meter is calculated.

Regarding, on the other hand, the frequency of lawn watering, in addition to taking into consideration the factors we have listed above, it should be emphasized that watering frequently is, regardless of the season and type of lawn and soil, a mistake: watering too close together does not allow the grass to develop deep roots, thus favouring rot.

Therefore, the ideal would be to water the lawn, in midsummer, every 2-5 days or so: doing so will still ensure good hydration for the grass, but without encouraging fungal disease, which would happen where watering was daily.

All right, but how many minutes to water the lawn? It depends a lot on the irrigation system, because with different devices the time to spend on this activity changes. If the average requirement is 5 liters per square meter, the time needed will be calculated according to the device you use, from irrigation guns to sprinklers or underground system.

quando e quanto innaffiare il prato

The best times for lawn watering

One of the most common questions asked by those who want to ensure the well-being of their lawn is: when to water the plants, morning, afternoon or evening?

Figuring out what time to water the lawn is, in fact, a matter of the utmost importance, because it is crucial to ensure that water does not evaporate, thus making our efforts vain. In general, precisely to avoid rapid evaporation of water, it is not recommended to water both the lawn and the plants during the hottest hours of the day.

In spring and during the less muggy days of summer, early morning watering is recommended, a practice that has many advantages:

–   you clean the lawn, removing night dew;
–   the water has sufficient time to penetrate the soil before sun and heat accelerate its evaporation;
–   you avoid burning the lawn: with the sun already high, in fact, the water droplets work like a magnifying glass, concentrating heat on the leaves.

On hot, muggy summer days, however, it is best to water in the evening, allowing the water to gently penetrate the soil, preventing evaporation.

Colortap’s lawn watering products

Once you’ve learned when and how much to water your lawn, all that’s left is to choose the right products. Such as those offered by Colortap, which offers only the best for lawn watering items.

Manual irrigation has several advantages, first and foremost water and economic savings, as well as direct control over the water delivered; in fact, with manual systems it is possible to manage and adjust the amount of water based on the water needs of the lawn and plants.

Among the most suitable Colortap solutions for manual watering are the innovative lances (equipped with single-jet or with showerheads) and practical watering guns, made of zinc, aluminum and brass parts. Sturdy and with an attractive design, the spray guns can be used with a pressure of up to 6 bar and are available in different versions, from the standard line, to the range with front control, to the Deluxe range, dedicated to those looking for the perfect combo of elegance and effectiveness.

quando e quanto innaffiare il prato

Colortap is also the right choice for surface irrigation, with above-ground metal sprinklers on base (picket, sledge, fixed or swivel wheels) or tripod, with adjustable range up to 14.5 meters, flow rate of 1000 lt/h at 3 bars pressure and also suitable for extended use. Rotating sprinklers on wheels provide a watering diameter ranging from 5 to 12 meters. Above-ground sprinklers are a convenient, fast and effective option for not too large green areas, as they save time and energy compared to manual irrigation and at the same time avoid major expenses related to the installation of underground systems.

quando e quanto innaffiare il prato

Guns, spears and surface sprinklers need to be connected to water outlets through rubber hose, adapters and fittings: Colortap has thought of everything, which is why it offers a wide range of fittings and adapters for all needs, quick-connect and automatic and turned from brass bars with precision machines to ensure compatibility with all systems. But that’s not all: as water outlet posts Colortap also offers innovative garden fountains, with a modern design that ensures maximum functionality, and garden faucets, which are sturdy thanks to the use of metal, extremely versatile, suitable for contact with drinking water, and guaranteed to operate at up to 10 bar pressure.