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Brass: all the properties and characteristics

Aquajet is a brand of Colortap, a leading manufacturer of products and accessories for irrigation, particularly surface irrigation. Its action is not limited to the gardening sector, but Aquajet items are also highly sought-after in the industrial sector, in the building industry, for the operation of pressure washers, in the automotive sector for washing cars and in the nautical sector for cleaning ships, as well as for the operation of core drilling machines and for swimming pool cleaning services.

For all these different areas, Aquajet is the range that offers the best products, including taps, lances and nozzles, water points, sprinklers, quick-release couplings and adapters for hoses and accessories; in particular, Aquajet’s flagship items, i.e. taps and fittings, are made of brass, the absolute best material for this type of product.

With this in mind, in this article we want to deepen together with the experts of Aquajet all the advantages, characteristics and properties of brass, analysing specifically the following aspects:

● what is brass

● what are the properties of brass

● what are the characteristics of brass


What is brass: the properties and advantages

Specifically, then, what is brass? What are the properties of brass and what can be considered its properties?

First of all, let’s start by saying that brass is an oxidisable metal alloy, generally gold-coloured but which can also tend to be reddish or silver. It is essentially composed of zinc and copper combined with each other in different proportions (there are in fact around 60 types of brass); for this reason, talking about the properties of brass, we can say that it is a very malleable and ductile material (especially if the percentage of zinc is lower), which resists corrosion well and has a low level of friction and excellent mechanical resistance, as well as anti-bacterial properties: for all these reasons, it is widely used in industry and particularly suitable for the production of taps, pipe fittings and manifolds.

Still on the subject of the characteristics of brass, it cannot be denied that it is undoubtedly one of the strongest, most robust and durable materials found in nature, with high conductivity and characterised by strong resistance to magnetism and good acoustic properties (which is why it is sometimes used in firearm components).

The strength and robustness of brass are essential properties for components such as manifolds and fittings for irrigation pipes, which must withstand the strong pressure of water, the weather, shocks and various crushing.

In addition, brass is certainly a very sustainable material, precisely because it does not wear out: products made of brass, unlike those made of plastic for example, remain reliable, effective and maintain excellent quality over time; brass fittings boast a very long life cycle, can be reused, melted together to create new brass and finally completely recycled, just like Aquajet products.

In fact, the focus on environmental sustainability, as well as on optimising water consumption, is one of the central points of Aquajet’s philosophy, which operates in compliance with the stringent regulations on the subject and has in fact also significantly reduced the volume of packaging of its products.



Aquajet: specialist in metal systems

Aquajet by Colortap, which has been active in the metalworking sector since the 1970s, is an excellence of the Made in Italy, and in particular of the Val Trompia region, which thanks to the peculiar properties of the soil has given a great impulse to the development and growth of the Italian metal industry.

Colortap has therefore specialised over the years in metal and brass processing, becoming a leading company in the production of quick-release couplings and surface irrigation products for gardening and industry.

As already mentioned, Aquajet’s flagship products made of brass include fittings, manifolds and garden taps.

Aquajet’s fittings

In the field of surface irrigation for gardens (as well as for farmland, greenhouses, nurseries, and vegetable gardens) Aquajet offers a wide range of Universal and traditional brass fittings of the highest quality: these are fittings that connect above-ground irrigation pipes together, as well as adapters that allow the pipes to be joined to taps and fittings.

What makes Aquajet fittings stand out above all is their composition of the highest quality brass, which, unlike plastic, makes them much more durable, robust, and sustainable (they have a long-life cycle and can be reused). These products, like all Aquajet fittings, are also made with a view to reducing water consumption.

In detail, Universal fittings are quick-connect fittings compatible with all plastic systems. The quick connection is 100% automatic thanks to the action of the six balls of the Colortap system, and the fittings guarantee a pressure of up to 10 bar.

There are essentially three lines of universal fittings:

● the brass line

● the chrome line

● the adapters

Traditional pressed and turned brass fittings are designed for hoses of all types and sizes. There are five ranges:

Maxipass: quick fittings made of brass suitable for large water passage. These are products suitable for irrigation of agricultural fields.

Express: quick bayonet fittings, for professional use.

Traditional: traditional screw-in fittings.

● Extra heavy: extra-heavy traditional screw-in fittings.

● High pressure: fittings for pressure washers and spraying.


Aquajet outdoor faucets

Garden faucets are designed precisely for outdoor use, made of brass, for a variety of scopes: from multiple sockets for solenoid valves and power packs to simple water sockets-even drinking water. Here, too, pressure is guaranteed up to 10 bar.

Alongside traditional and chrome-plated faucets, there are several lines, each with specific aims and peculiar features:

● the ECO range: by means of a special aerator, it allows 25% water savings without compromising the effectiveness of irrigation; the faucet can be single or double, with a ceramic disc cartridge and it is made of chrome-plated brass;

● the COLORTAPS range: the outdoor faucets in this line are made of chrome-plated brass painted and colored with special scratch-resistant polyester powders, and are available in shades of white, black, blue, red and green;

● the DESIGN range: these faucets are chrome-plated and very quick to open and close – in fact, only a quarter turn is needed;


Underground irrigation

In the field, on the other hand, of underground irrigation, Aquajet offers brass manifolds, whose function is to join underground pipes together in underground irrigation systems. These items feature different sizes (¾”, 1” and 1½”), come in different formats (module 1, module 2, cross and angle module) and are available both with integrated valve and without. But that’s not all, a new addition has arrived at Aquajet: the brand new and innovative module 3 (three-way) manifold in size 1”, quality and functionality are ensured!


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