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Sprinkler selection guide

Anyone fortunate enough to have a garden knows how important it is to keep it tidy, well-kept and lush, constantly ensuring that plants receive the right amount of water and the best care.

Never more than in spring and, above all, in the increasingly frequent hot summers, do lawns, plants and flowers require a good dose of water on a daily basis, which can be ensured by using various irrigation solutions: among these are surface sprinklers, tools that are as simple to use as they are effective.

But which sprinklers should you choose to keep your garden green and healthy, especially in the spring-summer season?

Here are some useful tips from Colortap to be informed and aware: understanding which sprinklers to choose for the specific needs of your garden will be child’s play!

The advantages of surface sprinklers

Before finding out which criteria to take into account when choosing surface sprinklers for your garden, it is good to know the advantages of this irrigation solution.

Sprinklers are in fact the ideal and most convenient choice for keeping your garden constantly hydrated and tidy. Above-ground models, specifically, are perfect for small areas, flower beds and small lawns, which in this way can be effectively cared for without taking on the burden of installing an underground system, an appropriate option where very large gardens need to be irrigated. An above-ground system also saves time and energy, which are needed in abundance when opting for manual irrigation.

Garden sprinklers, and surface sprinklers in particular, are a practical and cost-effective option for taking care of your green spaces easily, quickly and effectively. The costs for garden sprinklers vary depending on the type of product and the materials they are made of, but the expense is still very affordable, especially in relation to what an underground system may entail.

However, it is important to carefully identify the most suitable surface sprinkler for your needs, taking into consideration a number of determining factors to make the right choice.

Which sprinklers to choose: the most important criteria

There are a number of important criteria when choosing the best sprinklers for your garden. Let’s discover them one by one.

The shape and size of the garden

To understand which sprinklers to choose for your garden, you first need to consider the shape and size of your garden. If the area is very large, several sprinklers should be distributed over the lawn, whereas if the area is smaller, you should still opt for a sprinkler that is able to reach all points.

The type of sprinkler

Sprinklers are not all the same: there are above-ground or below-ground, static or dynamic; skid-mounted, tripod-mounted, base-mounted or picket-mounted. Knowing all the types available on the market is a prerequisite for making a more informed choice.

Water flow and pressure

Before choosing a sprinkler, it is a good idea to know the water pressure and flow rate of your water system; commercially available sprinklers include these compatibility parameters among their technical specifications.


Another key criterion when deciding which sprinkler to choose for your garden concerns materials: sprinklers can be made of plastic, metal or have components of both materials. In general, it is advisable to opt for strong, durable and therefore more sustainable products such as those made of metal, even if the initial investment cost may seem a little higher.

Options and pluses

Many sprinklers have specific features, such as the possibility of adjusting the water throw. Evaluating the available options and possible pluses is therefore very important to make the right choice for your needs.


There are many companies selling garden sprinklers, but not all of them have high-quality products. A quick research into the history and reputation of the brands that sell garden sprinklers will allow you to select only the best and, consequently, purchase only products made with advanced production techniques and using high quality raw materials that ensure durability and robustness.

Which sprinklers to choose? The proposals from Colortap

Colortap offers its customers a wide range of metal surface sprinklers, made of zinc and chrome-plated brass: strong, easy to adjust and suitable for prolonged use.

Colortap’s use of metal is an innovative choice that distinguishes the company from its competitors on the market: it is a robust, durable material and, thanks to its wear resistance and surface treatment, has a very long-life cycle, making it very sustainable.

Colortap sprinklers are divided into two main categories:

surface sprinklers on base
surface sprinklers on tripod

As for the former, they range from the classic metal sprinkler with an adjustable range up to 14.5 metres, to the versions on a metal spike and on a metal sled with brass fittings, also characterised by an adjustable range up to 14.5 metres. These sprinklers have a flow rate of 1000 l/h at a pressure of 3 bars. The offer is completed by metal sprinklers on wheels, also in the swivel model, very convenient for guaranteeing complete, effective and even irrigation of the garden. The latter device, at 3 bar pressure, guarantees a watering diameter of between 5 and 12 metres.

quali irrigatori scegliere

Moving on to the more professional tripod sprinklers, Colortap also offers the metal sprinkler installed directly on the tripod and the practical rotating sprinkler, also on a tripod.

The operation of above-ground irrigation systems requires that the surface sprinklers (arranged to cover the entire area of the garden) are connected to the water system by means of pipes connected to a water point or outdoor tap via fittings and adapters. The system can be operated either manually (by opening the tap) or by automatic programming, if valves and solenoid valves are present.

In this regard, Colortap, in addition to the above-mentioned sprinkler lines, offers a wide range of garden taps, fittings and adapters for all requirements.