BlogColortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione

Colortap: The excellence in irrigation for more than forty years

It is since the 1970s that Colortap has represented not only Italian manufacturing excellence, but also a point of reference for the manufacture of metal devices for irrigation.

The company’s history began to be written more than forty years ago, when Colortap was born as the first reality to design and manufacture metal systems for garden irrigation and cleaning of outdoor spaces: the flagship of Colortap’s production is represented by quick-connect metal fittings – designed for garden irrigation – by metal fittings, to be used in the industrial field and in the high-pressure cleaner sector, as well as by the line of metal outdoor taps (for both low and high-pressure uses).

Several of Colortap’s strengths have made it a leading company in Italy and Europe, including:

– quality of materials

– use of metal

– competitive prices

– innovative technologies with wide application choices

– unique and versatile collections

Today Colortap represents one of the main companies specializing in the production and sale of metal systems for irrigation, which combine high performance, quality, attention to detail, flexibility and attention to the environment: a unicum in the Italian panorama, which demonstrates how much the combination of tradition, innovation and research can lead a company like this to become a point of reference even outside the national territory.

Colortap was a pioneer in the use of metal in the irrigation sector and in the design of a quick and automatic system for fitting assembly, so much so that it led other industries in the sector to subsequently follow the company’s innovative model and cutting-edge production.

Colortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione

Colortap's flagship: metal and quick-connect fittings

As already anticipated, the insight that enabled Colortap to establish itself on the market back in the now distant 1970s was above all the conception – pioneering – of a range of brass quick-connect fittings compatible with plastic ones: what later became the avant-garde Universal series. The innovative Quick System is based on the use of the 6 balls and a self-lubricating cartridge, and is fully automatic.

The use of metal represents the hallmark of Colortap, which, among the first in Italy, decided to use mainly brass for its production of irrigation tools, with the aim of providing more durable, robust and environmentally sustainable systems. In fact, brass fittings, in addition to having a very long-life cycle and being completely recyclable, are much more resistant than plastic, especially in the part of the threads: these during the winter are able to resist breakage while undergoing significant temperature changes. Aware of the widespread use of plastic irrigation tools, Colortap then focused on the compatibility of the two materials, which is possible by turning brass rods with high-precision machines. Not only brass, but also aluminium is a strategic material for Colortap’s production: the Aquapoint range originates from aluminium extrusions that are then fitted with brass taps. The Soft Rain range is also made of aluminium, which gives it lightness and ergonomics: key features for operators inside greenhouses and nurseries who have to lift and handle these irrigation tools.

The manufacturing process of Colortap irrigation systems.

The real heartbeat of Colortap is the innovative manufacturing process that has distinguished the company since its inception: all products made by Colortap originate from a brass bar, which is then turned and transformed according to different requirements. The brass bar is then assembled and fitted with various components to bring the final product to life. The Universal line of fittings also originates from the turning of brass bars.

Colortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione 222

Following the assembly of the various components, we move on to the testing phase for the items to be offered for sale: if all quality standards are met, the preparation of the packaging begins, which is very thorough. A stock of products is then created in the company’s warehouse, ready to be sold the moment the customer’s order arrives. Another strength is the fast and efficient delivery service.

Colortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione

Colortap products are the result of the Italian design tradition, of studies and research, of the wise use of first-rate materials, not to mention the strong bond that unites the company with other realities of the territory.

Customization is also one of Colortap’s strengths: in case customers have special needs, Colortap is able to create customized projects, working the products on the basis of a precise drawing provided at the order stage.

Colortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione

The advantages of Colortap's patented solutions

Colortap boasts innovative patented solutions, such as the 6-ball technology, the Quick System coupling and the self-lubricating cartridge for automatic coupling of the Universal line.

These are cutting-edge and pioneering solutions in Italy: before Colortap’s intuition, in fact, there were only three-ball couplings and therefore, in order to connect the different accessories, such as guns and lances, to the coupling, one had to pull back the nut with two fingers while simultaneously holding the rubber hose, a rather uncomfortable and complex procedure. Thanks to the 6-ball technology, on the other hand, coupling becomes automatic: simply insert the head of the accessory inside the nut by exerting slight pressure and that’s it.

Colortap da più di quarant’anni l’eccellenza per l’irrigazione

As well as the 6-ball mechanism and Quick System coupling, the self-lubricating cartridge is also a patented product. Made of polypropylene, thanks to its innovative design with a longer neck than other standard cartridges and in action with the 6-ball technology, it enables automatic coupling and allows products to be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to + 40°C, with a maximum pressure of 10 bar. In addition, the self-lubricating cartridge features the innovative Acquastop system, the function of which is to prevent water from escaping when the accessories are unhooked from the quick-connect fitting, even when the faucet is open.

Premium materials and commitment to greater sustainability

As has already been extensively emphasized, Colortap’s prerogative has always been the use of metal -stronger and more durable than plastic- and brass in particular, which is the guiding material for the manufacture of the various products. Semi-finished products can then also be equipped with plastic or nylon materials, although metal remains the main raw material. And not only as a matter of quality, but also because of the company’s increasing attention to issues related to environmental sustainability. In fact, Colortap’s commitment in this direction is not only reflected in the use of a more sustainable and recyclable material such as metal, but also in many other actions, from the use, since 2010, of part of the energy coming from photovoltaic systems installed on the company’s production sites to compliance with standards for brass processing, to the careful sorting of waste and minimizing plastic and paper for packaging.