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How to protect outdoor taps from frost: some tips

Winter is just around the corner, and anyone with a water outlet in the garden or on the balcony should know that it is essential to take all necessary measures to protect outdoor taps from frost, in order to avoid possible leaks and serious damage due to freezing.

How to protect outdoor taps from frost? Here are our tips for not being caught unprepared by the arrival of cold weather.

How to protect outdoor taps from frost in a few simple steps

The first step to protect outdoor taps from frost is to first shut off the water supply: an unused tap will easily fall victim to the cold, with all its unpleasant consequences. Then proceed to close the shut-off valve on the inside, which is a very useful tool for insulating plumbing systems when not in use.

Before shutting off the water, however, it is necessary to let the tap drain completely: in this way, all the water inside will be able to escape and, at the same time, enough air will enter to allow the residual water remaining in the tap to expand in case it freezes due to the cold.

It is very important to remember to leave the tap handle open after shutting off the water supply, so that any residue can escape and does not freeze inside the tap.

If there is no shut-off valve, it is essential to insulate the external tap in other ways to protect it from freezing temperatures. One of the simplest measures is to cover the tap with insulating material that can be easily found on the market. Among these, insulation made of rock wool, glass wool or polyurethane proves to be the most effective for insulating and protecting outside taps from frost: simply tighten it around the pipes and taps and fix it with adhesive tape.

Protecting outdoor taps from frost is not the only thing to worry about in the run-up to winter. Indeed, what to do if a garden hose is attached to the tap? In this case, it is advisable to remove it, also because it could easily be damaged by frost, since, in cold temperatures, the residual water remaining inside will freeze and increase in volume, causing the pipe to split. It is better then to remove the pipes and place them in a sheltered place, and then attach them again in spring. As with taps, care must also be taken to drain all the water left inside the garden hose before removing it and storing it for the winter.

How to protect water posts from frost

How, on the other hand, can water outlet posts be protected from low temperatures and freezing in winter? To avoid frost problems, when installing the fountain, it is very important to provide a shut-off valve between the water mains and the water column. The most suitable product in these cases is a shut-off valve box that allows the connection between the water system and the fountain to be easily opened and closed. In this way, when winter arrives, it will be necessary to shut off the water supply and completely drain the water residue in the pipes and tap. Again, leave the tap handle open to allow air to enter and residual water to escape.

Leaking outdoor tap: what to do?

It sometimes happens that, either through forgetfulness or because one is simply not aware of how to protect outdoor taps from frost, low temperatures cause unpleasant damage and breakdowns, such as water leaks. A leaking outdoor tap is not to be underestimated and it is important to act immediately to deal with the problem.

What to do in such cases?

When faced with a leaking garden tap, the first thing to do is not to be overwhelmed by despair, but rather to take immediate action to repair it and stem any damage caused by frost.

There are basically three actions to be taken in the presence of a dripping garden tap, to be evaluated according to the problems encountered:

1. One can try to unscrew the tap and then seal the joints. This can be done by using filler material such as Teflon or hydraulic hemp, with which the threads will be wrapped: in this way, water under pressure will not find gaps and will not cause leaks and spills.

2. Sometimes, when faced with a leaking garden tap, it is sufficient to replace the gasket, whereas if the problem is more serious, a more drastic intervention such as replacing the tap is required.

3. Change the tap, as mentioned above.

Aquajet taps: top quality for your garden

Aquajet’s entire range of taps and diverters are made of sturdy metal rather than plastic: a feature that distinguishes them from items offered by the industry’s leading competitors in terms of quality and excellence. In addition to being rigorously Made in Italy, Aquajet taps are robust, design-wise, are more sustainable than plastic taps, and can be used for multiple purposes: as simple water outlets for the garden or as multiple outlets for irrigation controllers or solenoid valves. Suitable for contact with drinking water, they are also guaranteed for an operating pressure of up to 10 bar.

Aquajet taps are also available in different models and design options. One example are the chrome taps which are also available with two or three independent and adjustable ways, as well as the interesting ECO line characterised by taps which, thanks to a specific aerator, reduce water consumption by up to 25% without altering the efficiency of irrigation. Then there are the traditional garden taps, also in a chrome version and with a quick coupling. The ornamental line, on the other hand, presents handles with very particular shapes in full classic taste: a style with a traditional cut but always very current and appreciated. Not to be forgotten, finally, are the Colortaps – with quick coupler and painted with scratch-resistant polyester powder – perfect for those who want to add a touch of colour to their garden without renouncing the elegance and effectiveness of a high-quality tap.

As already mentioned, frost can be dangerous for outdoor water points if the necessary precautions are not taken: this is why it is very important to put into practice the precautions listed above on how to protect outdoor taps from frost.

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