The company was founded in the 1970s and specialises in processing and transforming brass bars.
Its ability to interpret the demands of a rapidly-evolving market has enabled it to achieve superior quality products with an exceptional technical performance. Colortap designs a vast range of push-in fittings for both low-pressure applications (garden and home) and high-pressure applications (industry and pressure washers).
Colortap’s unique, versatile collections, with their optimal quality-to-price ratio and innovative materials and design, are guaranteed to perform well and last a long time thanks to rigorous in-process quality control.


Colortap is located in Val Trompia, a highly industrial area ideally located to develop the ancient art of working metal, leading to a flourishing metallurgical industry. Here there are numerous factories making guns, taps and vehicle components that are renowned throughout the world for their meticulous craftsmanship. An opportunity that Colortap has developed to become a benchmark due to the high standard of quality of its products, which feature Italian craftsmanship and style. It was the first company to offer the market a brass push-in coupling compatible with plastic fittings.
Focusing on metal as the main raw material used in production, Colortap continued to extend its range, designing and making aluminium spray guns and subsequently entire ranges of garden taps and modular brass manifolds for underground irrigation systems that are universally renowned due to their reliable performance.
Aquajet, the trademark of Colortap, a European leader in the field, today identifies the products of a dynamic, forward-looking company that focuses on constant research, continuous process improvement, flexibility, awareness of environmental issues, sophisticated technology and an eye to detail.