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Best watering gun: buying guide

In spring and especially in summer, watering your garden is essential to ensure the health and well-being of your lawn and plants.

In order to water and care for the greenery in the right way, however, it is necessary to have the right tools at hand, selected with a preference for quality products suitable for the type of use to be made.

There is no doubt that the simplest and most economical solution for watering the lawn and plants in a garden that is not too large is to resort to manual irrigation, which involves manual action using spray guns, lances and extension tubes connected to rubber hoses that are in turn attached to external taps via fittings. Obviously, those who choose to opt for this type of irrigation must take into account that they must dedicate time daily to the care of their garden.

As we said, it is essential to have the right tools for watering lawns and plants and not to improvise with do-it-yourself solutions: the risk of damaging vegetation – especially the most delicate – is very high. For example, there are many people who still water using only a garden hose and adjusting the jet with their finger. Be careful, because this is an incorrect and potentially damaging way of watering your plants and greenery.

In this mini guide from Colortap, specifically, we will find out how to choose the best watering gun, whether you are using it for hobby use or for professional use.

Best watering gun: the gardener’s useful tools

To choose the best watering gun, a distinction must first be made between spray guns and lances. The two options differ mainly in their ergonomics and grip, not forgetting the degree of precision of the spray to which we aim.

In particular, the lance is more precise and by using it you can reach even the hardest to access places in the garden. In addition, you can also add an extension, so that you can easily get to the different corners of the garden and leave no space uncovered.

The single or multi-jet spray gun, on the other hand, is more comfortable and easier to use, especially for beginners.

Best watering gun: materials to choose from

Watering guns can be found on the market in different materials:

–  metal, such as brass and aluminium: this is a very durable and robust material that ensures a long product life cycle and can be reused several times for a greater sustainability, unlike plastic (which is less durable and resistant and not very environmentally friendly);

plastic (which also includes PVC), which offers advantages and disadvantages. Among the pros, the main ones are their low cost and light weight, which makes them easy to handle. On the other hand, plastic is more delicate than metal – especially in the areas of the threads of the fittings – and with temperature changes and cold winter temperatures it is more prone to breakage, rendering the product unusable.

Therefore, if quality, reliability and sustainability are preferred, it is advisable to opt for guns with a metal body and fittings.

Best watering gun: the jets

One of the criteria for choosing the best watering gun concerns the jets.

There are in fact several variants and possibilities:

–  the thin and powerful single jet, which ensures great precision. However, it is not always suitable for irrigation, as its power may cause damage to plants, holes in the ground and mud splashes. It is a very good option for cleaning the garden or surfaces;

– the adjustable jet, which allows you to switch between a thin and a diffuse spray; a very practical solution that allows you to manage different watering powers;

– the multi-jet solutions, which allow up to 8 different types of jets – depending on requirements – and which are undoubtedly the best option to best meet the needs of plants and their caregivers.

Best watering gun: the uses

As we have seen, watering guns and lances are not only used for watering plants, but can also have other uses, proving useful, for example, for washing cars or even cleaning outdoor pavements or even construction. A single product, therefore, can be used in a versatile manner in one’s outdoor space.

Aquajet by Colortap: the best products for your garden

If you want to know which is the best watering gun to choose, you should get to know the wide range of watering guns and lances offered by Colortap, perfect for both professional and amateur garden care. You will then be able to evaluate the best option based on your needs.

For professionals, such as floriculturists and nurserymen, for example, the Soft Rain product line is particularly suitable, as it has a soft and gentle spray, ideal for watering even the most delicate plants, such as roses. Within the SOFT RAIN range you can find:

–  the practical aluminium ‘Telescopic Lances’ with metal handle, all adjustable in height
–  the ‘Soft Rain’ Shower Head with extension, tap and fitting
–  the Shower Head with lever valve handle and quick coupling, again for gentle watering
–  a wide choice of aluminium shower heads for all needs

Soft Rain products, however, can also be used by those who manage their own garden and vegetable garden as a hobby and want only the best for their outdoor green space. This range, in fact, is characterised by great ease of use and excellent product robustness, thanks to the use of aluminium, which guarantees a long service life. Soft Rain products are very suitable for watering very delicate plants, flowers and vegetables.

For hobby uses, Colortap offers several exclusive and effective products for manual surface irrigation, such as the 480 nozzle, in both natural brass and chrome-plated versions, with adjustable single jet and self-concentrating flow; the 416 chrome-plated metal single-jet gun with comfort grip and front-operated jet adjustment; the 8-function 419 spray gun and the 449 4-function spray gun (atomiser, aerated jet, shower and strong jet), which combine efficiency, practicality and elegance, thanks to an attractive design, comfort grip, front control and numerous spray options; the 6-function metal spray gun with 6 watering functions and, finally, the 436 standard metal spray gun with adjustable intensity single jet.

As already mentioned, a soft spray is required for the care of delicate plants, flowers and vegetables. This can also be achieved (in addition to the Soft Rain range) by using multi-jet nozzles set to a soft spray (aerated, mist/mist). Guns with a more powerful jet (such as single-jet, lances or strong jet in multi-jet guns) are perfect for cleaning garden and floor surfaces, as well as for watering shrubs or hardy plants. In any case, in both single and multi-jet nozzles there is always the possibility to adjust the flow intensity according to use and requirements.

Also included with the Aquajet By Colortap spray guns are quick-connect couplings and adapters to quickly connect the spray guns or lances to the irrigation hoses, which in turn are connected to external taps via suitable fittings.